Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top Unpleasing Facts About Women in Uganda

I heard so many things about women but I do not think all of them are true, I think many people have not been fair in the way they judge women given the fact that these people are the reason why we all exist. However, a fact is fact, its real, and its true. Some of the unpleasant facts, I have heard about women include;

Fact number 1
By the time a woman clocks 40 she MUST have slept with 36 men. Oh no, that is so terrible. Some time I wish it was not a fact. It really scares me so much given the fact that my wife will also have slept with 36 men by the time she makes 40.

Fact number 2,

By the time a woman reaches 30, she must have aborted at least 5 times. I believe in that fact without hesitation. I know so many girls below 25 years who have already made more than 5 abortions. It really sounds awful but it is true, trust me.

Fact number 3,

By the time a woman makes 45, she MUST have consulted a witchdoctor; this is another fact about girls and women which I believe to be true. Women make themselves so desperate many times that they can do anything to save something. Women consult witchdoctors mostly for reasons like to save their marriages, to gain success and to find love. The bad side of it is that, those things do not work.

Fact number 4

This is the most factual fact about women; every woman must have seduced more than 1000 men by time she makes 50. I however believe that that number is so small, it should be somewhere above 5000 men. By seducing, I mean, every act a woman does to make a man feel some thing, be it lust, love or even infatuation.


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