Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Proposed Marrige to my only Love - She Said NO

Well, today is has been my worst day in my life, Do you remamber the girl i told you about, the one who is my long time Love, well, i only rember elling you that i traced her again. The bad thing is that things have chanegd alot in her eyes.

Though i havekept my self all the years waiting for the time i will meet her again, she did not so the same, she got another man, though i can not blame her simply because she was not sure wheteher i was keeping my self for her.

But i did not give up on my love just like that, just today, i went to my knees begging her to love once again. If your read my other articles about her, we separated due to the distance between us. Our love never ended officially since we only lost communication. I found her traced her a few day back after 6 years of intnse  serach for her.

I could not believe it when she said no to my proposal for marriage, she said she had since moved on though she told me how she is sorry for everything. I can believe my self, i feel like my heart is bursting. This love i have for her is only hurting me.


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