Friday, December 31, 2010

Twakowa is a Kiganda Word which means "We are Tired"

1. Nkoye abantu abelaba mu mirror ya Cairo Bank. That’s not a dressing mirror (I’m fed up of people who check themselves out using the Cairo Bank wall pane. It’s not a dressing mirror).

2. Nakowa peeps that come to Facebook with studio pics in that ka Kampala village pose of crossing the legs and the arms on the laps with those bu Chinese river/stream backgrounds. Ain’t U photogenic enough? Why do U have to prepare for a photograph ... we want to see you in your natural self.

3. Twakowa all those that romance in taxis.

4. The way Sylvia Owori puts bu models in her glossy magazine and then adds “Top:85,000Ushs” when the top is 6k in the basement of Mutaasa Kafeero. Twakowa ababbi.


6. Sikaakyi naye enyimba ze ki protestant zikoya.....oba ku nyimbe oba mbaga oba Christmas....the same songs.....nebikusobela! (Why are Protestant hymns so boring and unvarying; the same songs are sung at funerals, weddings and in Christmas services. I’m fed up.)

7. Twakowa ebinigeria esp the scenes nga they are opening the gate for the car to come in. Ako ka part bwebakasalako movie tebelawo? (We are tired of Nigerian movies, especially the scene where the guards are opening the gate for cars to enter. Can’t the movie proceed if that part is cut out?)

8. Chicks with big feet. We even fail to buy you fitting shoes because we know females have small feet.

9. Old NRM politicians who have no retirement in their vocabulary! Maria Mutagamba,Sam Kutesa, Namirembe Bitamazire, Amama Mbabazi, Sevo etc. I’m so tired!

10. Radio presenters who pretend they can’t speak Luganda!!! Someone calls speaking Luganda and the fool answers in English..... Touch FM presenters style up. You should know better what the white man thinks of us.

11. Muslim names like Maimuna, Asirafu and Afuwa etc.

12. Twakowa the new 1k notes which get old quickly!!!

13. The word “Wolokoso” nakyo nkikoye. (I’m fed up of the word wolokoso.)

14. Nakowa people who are always telling me that I’m small. Munveko, (leave me alone) you think I want to have city tyres, drooling bums, legs like pestles, fresh diary and no neck. No thanks so keep the crap to yourself. Nakowa…

15. Twakowa all that stuff I hear mbu Hidden Passion, La Tormenta.... What the hell?

16. The guy seated behind me on a taxi is koyaring me with Ronald Mayinja’s ziki...kale ankoyeza nyo nyo (The guy behind me is tiring me with Ronald Mayinja’s music). A follow-up comment told her to buy her own car.

17. Twakowa writing nonsense. Can’t you guys write sense like twakowa bad roads instead of twakowa neighbours having sex in the morning, chicks who are ugly! If you are tired of ugly chicks on earth go to a planet of only beautiful gals...

18. Nkoye those bu girls who carry big handbags yet there is only a hankie n’ Shs700. Even abayaye (thieves) no longer snatch your ga-bags because they know.

19. Some dudes and babes be having like 1000+ buddies on Facebook, you might even think they are celebs and stuff but how come I don’t know them. I suppose they be sending friend requests to everyone and accepting each all day.

20. Twakowa Kahinda Otafiire. Mbu I have the capacity to start a war and stop it! Silly.

21. Nakowa bu emails mbu “if you do not send to nine people something bad will happen to simanyi “if you are not ashamed of Jesus send to 20 people.” Ebintu sibya kukaka (Don’t force people).


23. The word is Love! What the hell is lv, luv, lov? Well, maybe better, I dunno! I feel like it is bicupuli (fake) love when it is misspelt! I Love English!!

24. Banange nkoye Ugandan wanabbe Rastafarians and artistes who speak silly Jamaican patois; it sucks....Kati Butchaman biki byeyayimba mu Inna De Dance? (What’s that Butchaman was singing ‘Inna De Dance’?) Silly nbakoye.

25. Twakowa abantu abalina ssente ezigula omwenge ogwa mitwalo kumi naye nga tebasobola kugula deodorant ya kanana! (I’m tired of men who spend over Shs100,000 in bars, but can’t sacrifice Shs8,000 to buy a deodorant.)

26. Nze nakowa bu fake chaps/chicks who go “outside countries” for two weeks & come back with heavier accents than the bazungus. Grow up u show offs!!!!

27. I’ve kukowad this chick who is ever borrowing my cousin’s charger. Since last semester, borrowing, borrowing, borrowing.... Even during the long holiday, she did not buy one but still keraz (comes early) at our door to borrow a charger. Ye oba yabaki (What’s wrong with her)?

28. Nakowa men with small, feminine voices... Bambi, it’s not your fault but still nakowa.

About the author
I got the Twakowa article through mail. It is hard to know the real author
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kids of My Neighbour (Even their Pictures)

Well, i had nothing much to do and i decided to take photo's or if you want pictures of my neighbors kids. I do not think telling you the names of these kids in the pictures is important but what matters s that you now know the kids who leave next block.

But do you know what? one picture really amused, as the kid knew that women are not supposed to show some of their parts. She cleverly covered all the areas.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

What if this guy is you In Law

Well, if you are not a ugandan, you might fail to understand this, in Uganda, there is a former introduction attire depending on ones culture. When it comes to the wedding, many people have copied the western wedding gowns.

In Buganda and some other parts of Uganda, people wear the traditional Kanzu on introduction days and cover them with coats. Just like in the picture below, the white attire under the coat is the Kanzu.

However, there are some in laws who can be really so funny, anyway, i guess you can see the doctoring of the wedding picture below, but i have seen some real weddings where it is far beyond. Now, what if a guys like that come to your place to take you daughter?

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What if your Mother did not Teach you this...

I saw this pictures and laughed, some times kids can be funny. But am sure most of you did some worse things when you where young. Ha ha, when you are young, you might not know that food is for eating and you jsut sit in it. Kids can be funny, that's why i like them. Enjoy this picture
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lust for Your Neigbours wife Can be Dangerous

I perfect understand how it hurts to have a cheating wife, hey, i have never been married and i do not speak from experience, but i say this because i understand. I would not like it when my wife cheats, but for sure, it would hurt more if the guy is my neighbour.

Really  must be said, many guys are lusting for their neighbors wives, i think some men are naturally weak but i did not write this to bale any man.Actually women also have a case to answer. This makes me remember Dolly Parton's song "Just because I am a woman" where she told her husband that he also commits the same mistakes but they are over looked, yet her mistakes are dwelt upon just because she is a woman.

 Well, that "thing" has also been happening when it comes to adultery, people will always assume that it was the man who led the woman into the act. However, some times, neighbors wives also do all the tempting things in the world just to make men fall for them.

Yes, i had a neigbours wife who really tempted me, i have to promise you that i was strong and i resisted, but i have to confess that this woman was really hard at tempting. You see, some men are just week when it comes to seeing some parts of a woman, but this woman showed me all, not once, not twice, but often.

From that time, i came to know that when adultery sets in, its the woman to blame.
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

4 Reasons why I am not going to marry my girl friend

It is too bad that i have to change my wedding plans. if you can remember well,  i had written here that my wedding will be held in March 2011. I did not lie to you but i have just changed my mind, I do not think the girl i have is the right one. Below are the reasons why i am canceling the wedding.

Short Tempered
This woman short tempered, as you know me,  i am one of those people who are very soft, i cant let my self fall into the hands of this woman who will make her self the boss in the house.

Lack of respect
This girl  gives me no respect at all, some thing i would need from my wife, she even hangs up on me several times. For sure hanging up on me makes me sick and she is good at it. I want a woman, i mean a wife who will treat me like a  husband.

Gold digger
This girl friend of mine is good at taking money. Can you imagine, she even gave me a condition to build a house for her mother and bother before we marry. She really needs money.

This girl is one of the most beautiful girls in Uganda if she is not the most beautiful,  i feel unsecure when am with her. i do not mind if you call me a coward but am not ready to die with jealousy. even when  i a m moving with her, men do not fear to comment in my presence. Her beauty is too much for me to handle
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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Will Marry Lady Gaga

I am not so much into music but i have to confess that i know Lady Gaga. I am one of those people who can not tell you who sung which song and which singer sings better. I have so many other things which take my time than hearing gossip about which musician is preganant or cheatyed on the wife. However, even though iam that grean about music, i at least know Lady Gaga.

Well, i only came to know about her recently when i read somewhere i do not remember that she was ahead of president Barack Obama when it comes to facebook rankings. Thats when i first heard about her name, anywhere, i guess no one came to know about her long time ago since the girl is barely 24. I got interested in knowing which woman could be more followed than a US president.

So, I embarked on the journey to search for Lady Gaga, that's when i discovered that woman i was beginning to fall in love with wears wired clothes, i do not know whether she puts on clothes all the time because many times, it seems like she wears metallic material.

I said to my self, i will marry Lady Gaga, it looked like my dream was coming true until i found out that she has a boyfriend Luc Car, and that they has a commitment ceremony in Greece. I was heart broken but not taken down, you see, those celebrity never settle in relationships, i know that one day she will be free again and i will pose by her side. As for now, i wish Lady Gaga a happy love until she separates with her boyfriend. And i will marry Lady Gaga.
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Going Home- Fantasic

After a long period , i finally went back home. hey, i am not meaning the place where i stay. I mean, home. The place where i was born. I had always missed home, the place of my childhood memories. Well, i was born in a small town called Wobulenzi in Uganda . But as you know, after my university studies i moved to Kampala to look for work. My parents put all there hopes in me and they expected me to care for every one close.

That was the beginning of the problem, i got a job but it was only enough to sustain me and meet my daily needs, i could not have enough to take home. So kept my self in Kampala as a real prodigal son. I could go home because they expect me to take a lot. Actually people at home though i was doing so well.

I am now happy that after changing my life around, i managed to achieve my goals. The first thing i thought about was to go home, to see my mum whom love so much and my dad. It was a moment to remember in my life. I could not wait any longer to step out of the taxi.

Well, a lot had changed at home, people around the town have constructed new houses, there is alot of development in the area. Many of my childhood friends are already married, i was glad to see all the people i grew up with me. Most girls have given birth  and some are pregnant. I moved around home and found new neighbors. Its a good to finally be at home.
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Friday, November 12, 2010

I do not Love her, but i Fear to tell her

I can not believe that this is happening to me. You see, i have spent a long time looking for love but i think it came in a wrong way. You, know, one of my friends connected me to a woman she knew and she suggested that we marry.  I have to confess that we had a good date. It was a night out to remember with this woman who was also in need a man.

You see, i have always wished to get a girl or woman who is not quarrelsome or short tempered, love is a flower which must be tendered and such help nothing in  building love. The problem is that when i began talking to this girl, she told me how she is a woman of hot temper. well, she looks beautiful and i am told that she is well behaved and respectful. But i swear, i fear hard women, you know, i am a soft guy who fears to be broken by a woman, i have a soft heart, a soft voice and a soft temper.

The girl friend who connected with me is now saying that it will be bad for her if i do not proceed with the love plans. The girl is also serious, she liked me a lot and she is ready to marry me immediately. I wish i could love her, marry her and make her happy.

I do not know what to do, she has remain in communication since then but i fear to tell her that our love can not be. Its not that i do not love her. Its just that i cant stand the words she told about her character. She is asking  me to tell her if i will marry her.I do not know how to say that it will not be possible. She is a very good woman who deserves no pain and i now do not know what to do.
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Announcing My Wedding

Hi Friends, I am so happy to inform you that i am soon going to Wed, actually the wedding is scheduled to take place the last week of March next year. Everyone is welcome. The plans and preparations for the wedding are in full gear. My family members and friends are so supportive and i thank them a lot for that.

I will inform you about the reception venue later. I though that i will be nervous when my wedding period comes, however, i feel happy because i am finally going to leave the hard single life to stay with my wife for ever.

Yes, i didn't tell you, about the woman i am going to wed, actually, i do not know her yet. I have only made the wedding program, set all the dates and find all the venues. But the is one problem. I have not yet found the bride. It is only obstacle present but i am sure that by the time March comes, i will have her.
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Once Upon a Time in Africa


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Sunday, November 7, 2010

If you are Single, Free and Searching

If you are single and searching, then you have advertise your self. Many men would like to tell you that they love but they fear, So help them to tell you how they love by marketing your self. This can work on your T-shirt

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I Proposed Marrige to my only Love - She Said NO

Well, today is has been my worst day in my life, Do you remamber the girl i told you about, the one who is my long time Love, well, i only rember elling you that i traced her again. The bad thing is that things have chanegd alot in her eyes.

Though i havekept my self all the years waiting for the time i will meet her again, she did not so the same, she got another man, though i can not blame her simply because she was not sure wheteher i was keeping my self for her.

But i did not give up on my love just like that, just today, i went to my knees begging her to love once again. If your read my other articles about her, we separated due to the distance between us. Our love never ended officially since we only lost communication. I found her traced her a few day back after 6 years of intnse  serach for her.

I could not believe it when she said no to my proposal for marriage, she said she had since moved on though she told me how she is sorry for everything. I can believe my self, i feel like my heart is bursting. This love i have for her is only hurting me.
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Why did the USA use Bunyoro?

I was checking this link from by the USA goverment about Uganda but i failed to underasynda why they used Buyoro instead of Banyoro.

Under the section of People (about people in Uganda), they have this info

Nationality: Noun and adjective--Ugandan(s).
Population (2007): 30.9 million.
Annual growth rate (2008 est.): 3.3%.
Ethnic groups: Baganda, Banyankole, Bahima, Bakiga, Banyarwanda, Bunyoro, Batoro, Langi, Acholi, Lugbara, Karamojong, Basoga, Bagisu, and others.
Religions (2007): Christian 85%, Muslim 12%, other 2%.
Languages: English (official); Luganda and numerous other local languages. Swahili is generally spoken only among the Ugandan military.
Education: Attendance (2008; primary school completion rate)--54%. Literacy (2003)--70%.
Health (2008 est.): Infant mortality rate--78/1,000. Life expectancy--51 yrs.

If you can note, they used Bunyoro instead of Banyoro, any idea?
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Death Of MTN Zone

Over the past years, MTN Uganda has been using the MTN zone promotion to hook subscribers to thier network, actaull, it has worked for them and i know they have nade alot of good profits. MTN being the major playere in the ugandan telecomucnication martket, has always charged high inteconnection fees from competitors which pushed call rate in uganda higher than the acceptable.

But thing have changed now, ever since the other telecom playes in uganda like Uganda Telecom, Uganda Telecom. Orange Uganda, Zain Uganda and I-tel lowered their tarriffs to a mera 3 shillings per second. MTN has been losing hundreds of subcrbers per day, they tried to counter this challange by thier usual too uch adversing only to discover that they are losing.

Recently MTN has also introduced calling for 3 seconds though it still remains the most expensive network in Uganda when calling other telecom companies at 5 Ugandan shillings per second. We can now say good to MTN Zone and welcome the new tariffs though MTN may soon fail out out if they do not reduce call rates t other networks
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My old time Love

I one of those guys who had given love a break. You see, there is some girl i had told that "I love you", and i ave been true to my word. We have not been together for around 6 years and i think we will never be together. You know, after telling telling her that she is the woman of my heart, we separeted, it was separetion by distance- not by hearts.

She remained my love and i remained her love. But as the years went on, we lost communication, and i think that is when i lost her. In my heart, i kept her close and i have been waiting for her to return from where ever she got lost from. Yes, a few days back i traced her, she is a student at some University in Uganda.

I guess you can see how happy i was when i saw her, but do you know what? i looked at her face and it was clear she was not happy to see me, it seems she had moved on, and may be, she got another man. When asked her for a day or night out, she told me that she is busy all the time, that is when i knew that she is no longer mine. I feel bad i have kept a;; my love for this old time love of mine just to discover i have wasted a lot of my time
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President Becomes Rapper

Some one said that "Everything is possible if you believe" I think he was right. I never imagined that a president of  great nation can really become a rapper. I am not talking about a former president, i am talking about the current president of Uganda

You see, its election time in Uganda, i mean campagining time, i think, real electiosn will be held some time in Febraury of next year. But things are getting hot for all the candiadtes. From one promise to another canidates ate still finding ot hard to convice the elections.

What president Kaguta Museveni did was to release a song, which he called "Another Rap". He is now busy singing it where ever he goes to look for votes. The song is in his mother language (Luknyankole) with a few lines in English. Many people in the opposition have called this song by the president of Uganda a mere poem with no meaning where as those who support Yoweri Kaguta Musaeveni hace called  the song of the Year
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Erias Lukwago- Kampala's Messiah

It is tough times in Uganda and Kampala. There has been a lot of traffic jam in the past, yes, guys have been having nomination trail in the past. You know, its election time in Uganda, provieded  iam not confusing it  with campagning time. Well, i gueasse all of them lead to the same thing- a winner and a loser

I really do not want to be a politician and i guesse i will never be, but there are some  things whoch no one should igonore. I am a Kampalanian, hoping that word exists. So i would like what is good for kampala. You know, i have seen how the poor people suffer in Kampala and i have seen how Erias Lukwago has been figthing on thier side.

A few months ago, Lukwago won, not the mayoral elecions but the electral commison in court over plling stations which are found in miliatary places. That was his effort and noe, some guys want to come and enjoy his fruits.

Its not about campaigning for any one one, its about capability which Erais Lukwago has. I am  not forcing you to vote for any one in the coming elections, but i advise you to vote wisely
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fake Yahoo Mail messeges- Stay Warned

Well, many people are  losing there yahoo mail addresses and other information when they respond to fake yahoo messages which are just scams sent by people who prentend to be Yahoo system administrators. So, if you see a yahoo mail which looks like the one below, please do not reply

Yahoo! Mail Classic
Dear User,

We are sorry to inform you that we are currently working on securing our
server, during this process accounts which are not manually verified by us
will be deleted, Please confirm and submit your information for manual

Please provide these informations:
Email Name:
user account:
date of birth:

Warning Account owner that refuses to update his/her account after two
weeks of receiving this warning will lose his or her account permanently.
Thanks  Yahoo
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wedding and Party Decorations Pictures


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Ooch!!! It is painful

I would die if it was me
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55 Candidate to Contest for Presidency

This might be the most interesting presidential campaign race in our history. We have never had such a time when such a huge number of candidates via for a single political office. All candidates are promising to unseat President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who has led Uganda for over 25 years now.

Uganda is to follow in the footsteps of countries which normally have scores of presidential candidates. At the moment, more than 55 people have already picked nomination forms from the electoral commission which they will return on October 25th 2010.

However, doubt can be cast on some candidates; we have so many comedians like Paddy Bitama of Amarula Family who are certain to drop out of the race any time soon. As it has always been, the race is still between the current president and Dr Kizza Besigye, the old time friend, turned, old time enemy.

Uganda elections are soon approaching and many of us are not sure whether to be happy or sad since we can not predict what the scenes which will characterize the elections time before and after.
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

6 people buried alive in Uganda

Another sad story has yet again emerged from Uganda, ip to 6 people where buried alive in a some query as they struggled to make ends meet. There are many people who have died in such a way since last year.

According to the New Vision "A woman and her son died instantly and two others sustained serious injuries on Monday evening when a stone quarry collapse and buried them at Kyambaazi in Wakiso district.

Robinah Nassuna, 28, and her son, Alex Yiiga 16, died at 6:30pm when a stone quarry, from which they were extracting stones, curved in on them.

Her two daughters, Betty Nalubega, 12, and Olive Nakacwa, 14, escaped with injuries.

The two were taken to Appointed Harvesters Medical Centre in Kitemu trading centre in a critical condition and later transferred to Mulago Hospital.

Andrew Bukenya, 42, the father of the children, said his family had been involved in stone quarrying since they were evicted from their 10-acre piece of land several years ago. Bukenya, who had six children with Nassuna, said their three other children had gone to fetch water."

Below is the picture of the place where the accident took place, the photo is courtesy of New Vision
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wedding and Parties time is over in Uganda

is something really wrong with my Uganda? A few days ago, the police issued new guidelines for people who want to make parties and weeding. It is now a must for very one to seek police approval before a wedding or a party. This means that i will have to apply for police permission to make a birthday party for my Kid. Oh no, some thin is going wrong.

THE Police have issued new guidelines for public gatherings and events in Kampala. Under the new guidelines issued yesterday, wedding receptions will only go ahead after getting clearance from the Inspector General of Police (IGP).

Kampala metropolitan Police commander Andrew Sorowen yesterday announced the new measures for gatherings of more than five people in the city and its suburbs. The measures cover Kampala Metropolitan area, which includes the city, Entebbe, Wakiso and Mukono districts and parts of Mpigi and Luwero districts.

He said the measures, which he described as “reminders”, take immediate effect.

“We are sounding a warning. No gathering of more than five people, even if it is in your compound, should be held without clearance from the Inspector General of Police. People intending to hold wedding parties, music galas, football matches and road processions should notify the IGP first,” said Sorowen.

“We want to ensure safety of our people. If 32 million Ugandans use their eyes and ears, there will be no space for terrorists in Uganda,” he said.
He told New Vision separately that the same measures affect funerals, vigils, last funeral rites (nyimbe) and bibanda, (local makeshift video halls).
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Is witchcraft real?

I have seen so many people in Uganda who waste a lot of their time and money on witchcraft. I have come to believe that it is only me in the whole country, or simply from among the Ugandans, who do not fear the power of witchcraft.

Recently we have been reading all over news about witchdoctors who give away riches. Every person who dies is believed to have been cursed by some one who be witched. But do you know what, all that is no sense.

There is nothing like working witchcraft, if it existed, I would be dead by now. I do not know why even the intellectuals and the media houses in Uganda will still write on how someone was bewitched. I am sorry but I do not believe in that.
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I have two girls, but whom should I choose

Finding a good girl friends is a good thing which everyone desires, I do not much believe in boy friend/ girl friend relationships but that is some thing which is hard to avoid. You see, I believe that it is better for a man to get a wife instead of a girl friend. I know you are about to say that one leads to the other but I am not ready to enter into an argument with you. So I will let you believe what you want.

Anyway, many men are normally faced with a dilemma of choosing between lovers. It is always a hard decision for someone to get committed to one girl and those who do deserve credit. There is always a time you need to choose between lovers.

That is a time you can not avoid if you want to get married. Well, we, the men, always have a choice to choose between a girl or woman with character and a girl with beauty. Many men tend to choose the girl who is beautiful, and I do not blame them. After all, I am sure you would also make the same choice.
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I am getting Old, I am growing Scared

Sometimes I fear to tell people my real years, I am not that old but I think I am taking that directions. I am sure that I have lived half of years and old age is slowly setting in.

I do not know why that seem to scare me; I though it is good to grow up, marry and have children. But I am wondering why my thoughts have changed over time. I now admire young kids, I some times wish I could go back in years and be like them.

You see, life would have been a good thing without old age and death, but the more a person grows, the more those two come near. You might be wondering my age, I am not yet 30 but I do not think it is a good thing.
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My parents think I am rich

Just like many other people who leave their parents to go and look for money, I also left my parents home some years back to realize my dream of becoming rich. However, many times, things do not work out the way we expect, not every one becomes rich.

When I reached the place I intended to make money from, I told my parents that things where fine, you see, I did not want to scare them. So I told them that I am making money and soon I will be a rich man.

Anyway, things had gone right at the beginning, but I do not know why money became so scare all of a sudden. I keep telling my parents that I am making money and they should not worry about me. I even fear to go visit them because they expect a lot from me.

It is now 3 years since I last saw my mother and father, I really feel I want to see them, I miss them so much. But you know, they think I am rich, and for that reason, I can not go back to see them unless I am ready to prove that I am rich now.
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No one can draw the Map of Uganda

In those days when we were still young, drawing the map of Uganda was one of the easiest things anyone could do. In those days, Uganda used to have 39 districts and I could recite them in just a few minutes.

But things have changed now; Uganda has up to 112 districts. Uganda of 2010 is far different from the Uganda of 1995. The districts are now so much squeezed to each other that it will take you more than 2 full days to mark the demarcations of each district in Uganda.

I was born in Luwero district, but you might not believe what has happed to my dear Luwero, the districts was divided into 3 more to make it 4 from 1. This has happen to other districts like Mbale, Soroti, Gulu, Wakiso, Arua… I mean to all districts.
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Tribute to Ugandan soldiers killed in Somalia

I do not think the Ugandan soldiers in Somalia deserved to die, well it’s a fact that all who join battle should expect to die and what happened was just a fact which only took long to happen.

I know that we will lose even more troops since we decided to join the war against the Al Shabab. It’s not time to go into the famous argument back home about whether it was right for Uganda to go to Somalia or not. After all, I can not change anything. Our own children are already in Somalia and I just have to accept it.

However, I feel bad every time I here of another death of a Ugandan soldiers, anyway, it doesn’t matter from which country a soldier comes from, the truth remains that war is bad.

I feel bad for the relatives of the fallen troops, I watched when four bodies where being received at the Entebbe International airport, those guys went to war alive and they came back dead. May there souls rest in peace.
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Monday, September 6, 2010

In Love with your Neighbor's wife

There are some things which can happen when they should never happen at all, falling in love with your neighbors love is one of them. I know i am not so much qualified to talk about love since i do not have a wife, but i believe i have a right to write about anything sensible.

In my culture, we have a saying which says that any one who loves there neighbors wife is the best fool. I think that is a true saying though i do not blame the culprits. Some times, these women lead men into temptation and the only thing the poor man can do is to fall in love.

Please do not say that i am supporting people who fall in love with neighbors wives, i am just saying that the bale should be on women, they normally start it all and later blame the men.

Anyway, if you are one of those guys who love others peoples wives, then you are in trouble, first, you sin against the state and secondly, you sin against God.
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Al Shabab, Al Queida, Al Uganda

I do not know why everything with the word Al is now pointing towards Uganda. I used to love my Uganda due to the peace we have been enjoying for a very long time. But it seems like things are changing.

In July, the Al shabab bombed my dear Kampala where more than 80 people died in just one night. I am now even more sacred given the rumors that Al shabab is being funded by Al Queida.

I do not know where i will hide now, it is really scaring, it is time we all pray for Uganda before things get worse.

I have been told that Al, actually mean "The". I used to think it is some really scaring thing. I do not know why The Shabab want to destroy my Uganda but i sincerely wish Uganda regain her peace again. May God keep Uganda safe again
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Do break ups and end of Love lead to Insanity

One reason why i fear falling in love, rather, growing in Love is the fact that Love in most cases lead to heart breaks and tears. It is very rare to find couples or lovers who live happily ever after.

However, the most strange thing about love is the way it makes people look like as if insane after love ends or after a break up. I do not know why people who break up will always say the bad things about their ex lovers.

I have heard people telling their former girl friends and boy friends how they are not good at all in every thing, this is one example how a break can lead to insanity. How can you begin telling some one you have loved for many years that he/she was not good at anything.

I do not care what you think about me, but i think and i know i will not fall in love at any time. Its a waste of time and money.

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Uganda Elections 2011: The Voter, the Vote, the votes, and the Voted

Time for Uganda elections has come, as it is the custom, many people are so eager to get incentives from the candidates in return for votes. I am not a politician and i know that Uganda is going to bore me so much during this period.

There candidates will surely need my vote but i have to apologize early enough that i will not be able to vote any one. In all elections, the voter is the most important thing, but the candidates will only need the voter for his/her vote to get many votes.

So, the candidate swill make parties when they are voted, they will eat their money without thinking about me. I have also noted that many Ugandan politicians have not been of any benefit to me.

However, i wish all my Ugandan friends a good election time. Happy Voting Uganda. For God and my Uganda

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Who spoilt our Kids?, Look at these pictures

Long time ago, kids used to be of good manners, but looking at these pictures proves things have changed. I actually enjoy seeing pictures of young kids and pictures of baby's but these pictures left me without words

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I actually fear these Pictures (Sweet horrible pics)

Not all pictures are good to me, some pictures look good, others look horrible and others are just not appealing. I really do not like these pictures. I simply call them sweet horrible pic, see

My Kid will also fear this picture
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Have you ever seen the pictures of my home place?

Well, these pictures were taken from Kitintale which is found in Kampala, Uganda, I stay in the same place too

I Just hope you will appreciate these pictures of my home place. I know some you are about to say that the houses look so bad but  i have forgiven you/
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When You come to Uganda, Find Me in Kitintale

Well, Kitintale is one of the best places in Kampala city and that is where i stay. So please come to Kitintale if you ever come to Uganda, It is googd to be a tourist for many reasons, though i am not saying that every one who wnats to come to Uganda should contact me first. let me show you in pictures that we skate in Kitintale

You Will be able to Skate

 Just Like this Guy

Or Just like this one

There are so many things you will like about Kitintale, and Uganda at large. I will be at the airport to welcome you to Uganda.
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Dying of Love for Uganda (Pictures)

I will always Love Uganda, Reason, It is my country.

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What if you can not say "I Love You"

Love is a sweet thing and finding someone who loves you is sweeter. However, Saying i love can be somehow hard sometimes, that's why many people say it with flowers, rings and or through others. But i think men should be brave enough to tell the women they love what they feel. Anyway, if you are to shy to say i love you, then use the flowers

You also say "I Love you Baby"

I hope you will tell the girl or the woman you love what is on your heart, do not be shy man. Say it
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Uganda police bans media on Kampala Al- shabab bombings

Its good this blog is not a political one, i would be out of business just like many other people who were refused to publish anything concerning the investigations about the Kampala bombings. I was out of town and i only heard from a friend that reporting on Kampala bombing would put in trouble.

I confirmed it from one of the news papers and that's when i learn t that many media houses are furious about the ban. In fact, some newspapers in Uganda, radio stations ans television stations vowed not to honor the ban. They have vowed to continue reporting on the investigation

A few weeks backs, one guy who owns a website got into trouble when he wrote some thing on his site about the bombings which did not amuse the government.

So my dear friends, if you want me to update you about the investigations. I have to say "Sorry, i will not be able"
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Why women are only money chasers

Women are loveless, if you do not believe me, check out this;

I am going to list for you some easy statements you can use which will leave every woman chasing you.

1. Don’t tell her that you love her
Just tell her you have money
…and she will say her self that “I love you”

2. Don’t tell her you miss her
Just tell her you have a car
…and she will tell you her self that “I miss you”

3. Don’t tell her you adore her
Just tell her you are rich
…and she will tell you “I adore you”

4. Don’t tell her you want to marry her
Just tell her you have multiple shops
She will ask you “will you marry me”

Important note:
Tell her a good lie and the next day she will be yours
Tell her you a brother to Obama
Tell her you have estates in the USA
Tell her you are the last king of Scotland or king of…whatever
Just make sure she can spot money some where in your lies
If you follow my advise , I swear you can’t miss her…TRY…you will see
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Why I will Never Fall in Love

Some times, the pieces of our broken hearts can not fit no matter how we re-arrange them. Like in the story of the mountain angel, many of us die before our time due to grief. In this life, we live to struggle and toil for survival. We enter the world when we are crying while others are happy because we are born, and at the end of the journey every one who knows us cry as we leave.

At some time in our lives we meet people, people who shape our lives, people we think about all the time and people- people who can never be forgotten, you don’t succeed or fail by chance or fate- you choose the path. As Dolly Parton said, They say good conquers evil, but many times evil takes the prize, Life would have been better if it was like in the movies where the good guys always win, But in real life and in love, many people who enter our lives, leave just as they came.

There are people who give their all to things which later take their all, If only some people knew how grave their love mistakes can be, they wouldn’t have come close to even thinking about them. When love ends, the heart hurts, and the mind flaws. However, there is no medicine or even a research project to find the cure for future heart breaks. It will always remain a game of the lucky but as things unfold few may come close to lucky.
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Makerere University, a tale of strikes and intellectualism

Makerere University will always be Uganda’s pride, I am also happy that Makerere has always represented Uganda on the world and Africa rankings as one of the best universities in the world and Africa.

The success of Makerere university has not began recently, its an old story given the fact that it was at one time the best university in Africa. I have seen so many international students from countries like Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and all the world over scramble for admission in this prestigious university.

However, I have a case against Makerere; these guys think that they will make every one kneel down for through strikes. Every semester which begins, you have to expect strikes from lectures, students and support staff.

If Makerere prides its self in teaching intellectuals, why cant they teach themselves that intellectuals do not behave like non intellectuals.
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Funny Pictures of Ugandan kids dancing and singing


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Pictures of Kids, Some are Funny


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