Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Al Shabab, Al Queida, Al Uganda

I do not know why everything with the word Al is now pointing towards Uganda. I used to love my Uganda due to the peace we have been enjoying for a very long time. But it seems like things are changing.

In July, the Al shabab bombed my dear Kampala where more than 80 people died in just one night. I am now even more sacred given the rumors that Al shabab is being funded by Al Queida.

I do not know where i will hide now, it is really scaring, it is time we all pray for Uganda before things get worse.

I have been told that Al, actually mean "The". I used to think it is some really scaring thing. I do not know why The Shabab want to destroy my Uganda but i sincerely wish Uganda regain her peace again. May God keep Uganda safe again
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Do break ups and end of Love lead to Insanity

One reason why i fear falling in love, rather, growing in Love is the fact that Love in most cases lead to heart breaks and tears. It is very rare to find couples or lovers who live happily ever after.

However, the most strange thing about love is the way it makes people look like as if insane after love ends or after a break up. I do not know why people who break up will always say the bad things about their ex lovers.

I have heard people telling their former girl friends and boy friends how they are not good at all in every thing, this is one example how a break can lead to insanity. How can you begin telling some one you have loved for many years that he/she was not good at anything.

I do not care what you think about me, but i think and i know i will not fall in love at any time. Its a waste of time and money.

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Uganda Elections 2011: The Voter, the Vote, the votes, and the Voted

Time for Uganda elections has come, as it is the custom, many people are so eager to get incentives from the candidates in return for votes. I am not a politician and i know that Uganda is going to bore me so much during this period.

There candidates will surely need my vote but i have to apologize early enough that i will not be able to vote any one. In all elections, the voter is the most important thing, but the candidates will only need the voter for his/her vote to get many votes.

So, the candidate swill make parties when they are voted, they will eat their money without thinking about me. I have also noted that many Ugandan politicians have not been of any benefit to me.

However, i wish all my Ugandan friends a good election time. Happy Voting Uganda. For God and my Uganda

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Who spoilt our Kids?, Look at these pictures

Long time ago, kids used to be of good manners, but looking at these pictures proves things have changed. I actually enjoy seeing pictures of young kids and pictures of baby's but these pictures left me without words

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I actually fear these Pictures (Sweet horrible pics)

Not all pictures are good to me, some pictures look good, others look horrible and others are just not appealing. I really do not like these pictures. I simply call them sweet horrible pic, see

My Kid will also fear this picture
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Have you ever seen the pictures of my home place?

Well, these pictures were taken from Kitintale which is found in Kampala, Uganda, I stay in the same place too

I Just hope you will appreciate these pictures of my home place. I know some you are about to say that the houses look so bad but  i have forgiven you/
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When You come to Uganda, Find Me in Kitintale

Well, Kitintale is one of the best places in Kampala city and that is where i stay. So please come to Kitintale if you ever come to Uganda, It is googd to be a tourist for many reasons, though i am not saying that every one who wnats to come to Uganda should contact me first. let me show you in pictures that we skate in Kitintale

You Will be able to Skate

 Just Like this Guy

Or Just like this one

There are so many things you will like about Kitintale, and Uganda at large. I will be at the airport to welcome you to Uganda.
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Dying of Love for Uganda (Pictures)

I will always Love Uganda, Reason, It is my country.

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What if you can not say "I Love You"

Love is a sweet thing and finding someone who loves you is sweeter. However, Saying i love can be somehow hard sometimes, that's why many people say it with flowers, rings and or through others. But i think men should be brave enough to tell the women they love what they feel. Anyway, if you are to shy to say i love you, then use the flowers

You also say "I Love you Baby"

I hope you will tell the girl or the woman you love what is on your heart, do not be shy man. Say it
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Uganda police bans media on Kampala Al- shabab bombings

Its good this blog is not a political one, i would be out of business just like many other people who were refused to publish anything concerning the investigations about the Kampala bombings. I was out of town and i only heard from a friend that reporting on Kampala bombing would put in trouble.

I confirmed it from one of the news papers and that's when i learn t that many media houses are furious about the ban. In fact, some newspapers in Uganda, radio stations ans television stations vowed not to honor the ban. They have vowed to continue reporting on the investigation

A few weeks backs, one guy who owns a website got into trouble when he wrote some thing on his site about the bombings which did not amuse the government.

So my dear friends, if you want me to update you about the investigations. I have to say "Sorry, i will not be able"
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Why women are only money chasers

Women are loveless, if you do not believe me, check out this;

I am going to list for you some easy statements you can use which will leave every woman chasing you.

1. Don’t tell her that you love her
Just tell her you have money
…and she will say her self that “I love you”

2. Don’t tell her you miss her
Just tell her you have a car
…and she will tell you her self that “I miss you”

3. Don’t tell her you adore her
Just tell her you are rich
…and she will tell you “I adore you”

4. Don’t tell her you want to marry her
Just tell her you have multiple shops
She will ask you “will you marry me”

Important note:
Tell her a good lie and the next day she will be yours
Tell her you a brother to Obama
Tell her you have estates in the USA
Tell her you are the last king of Scotland or king of…whatever
Just make sure she can spot money some where in your lies
If you follow my advise , I swear you can’t miss her…TRY…you will see
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Why I will Never Fall in Love

Some times, the pieces of our broken hearts can not fit no matter how we re-arrange them. Like in the story of the mountain angel, many of us die before our time due to grief. In this life, we live to struggle and toil for survival. We enter the world when we are crying while others are happy because we are born, and at the end of the journey every one who knows us cry as we leave.

At some time in our lives we meet people, people who shape our lives, people we think about all the time and people- people who can never be forgotten, you don’t succeed or fail by chance or fate- you choose the path. As Dolly Parton said, They say good conquers evil, but many times evil takes the prize, Life would have been better if it was like in the movies where the good guys always win, But in real life and in love, many people who enter our lives, leave just as they came.

There are people who give their all to things which later take their all, If only some people knew how grave their love mistakes can be, they wouldn’t have come close to even thinking about them. When love ends, the heart hurts, and the mind flaws. However, there is no medicine or even a research project to find the cure for future heart breaks. It will always remain a game of the lucky but as things unfold few may come close to lucky.
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Makerere University, a tale of strikes and intellectualism

Makerere University will always be Uganda’s pride, I am also happy that Makerere has always represented Uganda on the world and Africa rankings as one of the best universities in the world and Africa.

The success of Makerere university has not began recently, its an old story given the fact that it was at one time the best university in Africa. I have seen so many international students from countries like Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and all the world over scramble for admission in this prestigious university.

However, I have a case against Makerere; these guys think that they will make every one kneel down for through strikes. Every semester which begins, you have to expect strikes from lectures, students and support staff.

If Makerere prides its self in teaching intellectuals, why cant they teach themselves that intellectuals do not behave like non intellectuals.
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Funny Pictures of Ugandan kids dancing and singing


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Pictures of Kids, Some are Funny


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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Love letter i dont wanna get

I pray i never get this love letter

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Uganda 2090

Many people today are thinking about t Uganda 2011 due to the changes that will occur in our county. But I think it is of reason to think beyond the known by stretching our mind to Uganda 2090.

In the year 2090, our country will be so different from what it is now. In fact, if my great grand mother who died 200 years ago could raise from the dead, she would get so amused, frightened, and scared for what she would see in Uganda today.

During her days, Uganda had no storied buildings, no electricity, no cars, nor good roads and women could dress properly. But now, things are so different that if a dead person rise to life, they would die of shock again.

That is what will happen in 2090, people living today might not believe what is in store for the future Uganda, but just to give you a glimpse, this is how Uganda will be like in 2090

The world Uganda will be a desert
River Nile will have dried
Uganda will send her third space ship to the moon
Uganda will be competing with USA on who will be first to send man to the moon
Men will be 100 times more than women
Kampala will have connected with Nairobi in Kenya

However, since I believe in the second coming o f Jesus, such things way not happen if He comes before 2090. But if nothing changes, Uganda will be just as I have wrote, if you want to prove me wrong, stay alive up to 2090.
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Uganda 2080

Have you ever wondered how Uganda will be looking like in 2080. Well, I advise you not to think about it anymore. Uganda will have the most spoilt generation this world has ever seen and I pity those who will be alive by that time.

First of all, all Ugandans who are above 20 years of age now (2010) will dead by then its sad to say but the truth must be said. Its uttermost greediness, to think about being alive by 2080, a fair thinking person should pray not to witness the calamities that will befall our country y then.

For those who will be in Uganda by then; wait for this

Women will be walking naked
East Africa will change its name to Uganda Africa
I will be dead
My mother will be the prime minister of the newly created Northern Republic
Northern Uganda will be a desert and
Kony will be given Amnesty

I really do not want to stay in that Uganda. The though of that spoilt Uganda generation in 2080 makes me wish not to have children
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The girl I first Loved

I am not a fan of writing about Love issues but I think it is will not be a good thing if I do not write about the girl I first loved. I do not know what you though before reading this article but let me hope I will not disappoint your thoughts.

Well, I have to begin with the most important things first, these include the time, I mean the period I was in love with this girl, the years she had, my age by then, a brief description of this girl and how we met.

Let me begin with how I met her, may that will help to answer other questions which might be hard for me. I met this girl when we were playing mummy and daddy. I do not know which country you come from, but in my country Uganda, young children play the mummy and daddy thing where types of a real wedding are made.

A boy is assigned a wife (also a kid) and you try to imitate everything the married people do. That is when I met this young girl whom I gave all my heart, I promised to marry her and she agreed too.

It is too bad that we relocated during that time, I went back to that place after around 15 years but everything there was new. I could not trace her since I even didn’t know her second name. To be sincere, I do not know how she looks like now since I last saw her when I was 7.

I have kept my promise to love her until marriage but I think it is time to give up on the long wait. I have kept her love in my heart since I was 7 years old, I should look for new love now. I hope she will understand
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About the King of Uganda

My mother gave birth to me in a small town of Wobulenzi, Luwero district in Uganda, we then moved to Hoima but due to some reasons we moved back to Wobulenzi, after a few years I shifted to Entebbe but later moved back to Wobulenzi, I then moved to Kireka and shifted back to Wobulenzi to stay close to my mother , but after some few years, moved to Kampala where I am staying now. However, I have plans to move back to Wobulenzi again.

Before we go to far, we have to set the record straight, You have to know that there are other kings who are above me in Uganda. I really respect them so much and as my culture stipulates, I would kneel to great my king.

For those of you who do not know the much about Ugandan culture, We have kingdoms inside Uganda, at first, each kingdom in Uganda was independent with the king as the main man. However, the white man combined all of us to make up Uganda. Below are the Kings in Uganda

King Ronald Muwenda Mutebi

He is the king of Buganda the largest kingdom in Uganda. He is soon to the Sir Edward Mutesa II, the first president of Uganda. Buganda Kingdom has existed for more than 600 years and the Baganda are known for loving their king so much..
King Oyo
He was coroneted when he was just month which made him the youngest leader in the world. King Oyo is the King of Toro in western Uganda. He has now made 18 and he is in full charge of his Kingdom.

King Iguru GafaBusa

He is the King of Bunyoro kingdom a historical kingdom in Uganda, many other kingdoms emerged as a result of a break away from the Bunyoro Kitara Empire. Bunyoro was also the Kingdom of King Kabalega, a man who fought the British until they could not handle it anymore.

If I meet any of those kings, I will gladly humble down though I am the king of Uganda. Long Live the Kings in Uganda.
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Top Unpleasing Facts about women

I heard so many things about women but I do not think all of them are true, I think many people have not been fair in the way they judge women given the fact that these people are the reason why we all exist. However, a fact is fact, its real, and its true. Some of the unpleasant facts, I have heard about women include;

By the time a woman clocks 40 she MUST have slept with 36 men. Oh no, that is so terrible. Some time I wish it was not a fact. It really scares me so much given the fact that my wife will also have slept with 36 men by the time she makes 40.

Fact number 2,
By the time a woman reaches 30, she must have aborted at least 5 times. I believe in that fact without hesitation. I know so many girls below 25 years who have already made more than 5 abortions. It really sounds awful but it is true, trust me.

Fact number 3,

By the time a woman makes 45, she MUST have consulted a witchdoctor; this is another fact about girls and women which I believe to be true. Women make themselves so desperate many times that they can do anything to save something. Women consult witchdoctors mostly for reasons like to save their marriages, to gain success and to find love. The bad side of it is that, those things do not work.

Fact number 4
This is the most factual fact about women; every woman must have seduced more than 1000 men by time she makes 50. I however believe that that number is so small, it should be somewhere above 5000 men. By seducing, I mean, every act a woman does to make a man feel some thing, be it lust, love or even infatuation.
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Restoring Morality and Sanity in Uganda

I am a concerned citizen just like many other Ugandans; It looks like our country is slowly going down to the drain. I really miss those good old days when people in Uganda where enjoying every bit of their time.

Thing have changed so much in the last 15 years, we now have women who walk half naked, during those days, women could treat them selves with dignity, but not any longer. I feel so bad when I see young girls walking on Kampala streets with their breasts out. We are now living in a lost generation, I mean, a spoilt generation.

Yes, I know that the boys have rarely treated themselves with dignity but things have gone worse now. I have seen so many men dressing like women, walk like women and talk like women.

In the coming few years, we are most likely to lose our children to ganja. The main cause of the problem is that many Ugandan celebrities are well known ganja takers yet the police has done nothing about it.

The bad thing is that the parents who would have taught their children how to live good lives are also spoilt. It seems like am the only one remaining who can save the situation but Uganda is too big for me.
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How to get a Ugandan woman

Uganda is known for high fertility rates and beautiful women, there are so many Ugandan singles that are desperate for men. Hope I will not get into trouble for saying that Ugandan women are desperate, you see, in was severely attacked some time back for writing about Ugandan women in a way they did not want.

Anyway, putting away the fears, it is a good thing to talk the truth. If girls in Uganda were not desperate, why would they walk half naked?. I better leave that topic because it is not the main issue here. Let us go back to our to our main topic of how you c an easily get a girl in Uganda.

There are so many ways men use to get women; I am not an expert in that but at least I know how a girl from Uganda can be made to accept any mans proposal. One thing you should know is that most girls in Uganda are not after love, so you will be wasting your time telling her that you love her.

Another thing you should avoid telling a Ugandan woman is that you want to marry her, these girls have heard all of it. They are not after marriage.

The only way you can make a girl in Uganda to love you is to tell her that you have money, just tell her that you are rich and she will be yours. I have discovered that women in Uganda are money minded and not love minded.
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FaceBook fever hits Uganda

In a few months from now, Ugandans will reach 1 million, every day which pass by, hundreds of Ugandans join Facebook and the number of sign ups in steadily increasing per day.

I felt happy some time back when I found someone I had lost contact with for a long time on face book. Many people in Uganda are also using facebook to find old friends though many others use face book to find love.

There are few people in my country that use facebook for book marking, the majority uses it for social networking and many are just excited to get friends from far off countries. I have noticed that most people who use public computers are face book fanatics who spend their money and time communicating with another person on another computer.

Actually Facebook is the second most popular website in Uganda after Google, Yahoo takes the third slot. One funny thing about it all is that most people just use the website as a tool to find love. I do not blame them but I do not think that Facebook love can be succefully be transformed into physical reality.
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Women in Uganda are not faithful

This is not my view; it is something many men in Uganda will agree too. It looks like getting a faithful woman in Uganda is next to landing on the sun- purely impossible.

That is why I have stayed all these years without getting a lover; it is a waste of time. I am not used to being played by a woman and I do not think I can handle it, sadly, that’s what women in Uganda know best.

Its bad it is many times impossible to hide a way from love, but I know I will. Ever since that day when a certain girl gave up on me without a clear reason, I have sworn not to love any other girl from Uganda.

Hey, please do not think that I hate girls, or I fear women or that I am shy. I have some good money to make those women come running but I simply do not want. I am yet to find any Ugandan man who has never been heart broken by a woman.
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What if Uganda rock horns with Kenya?

I do not know why I have been thinking funny things recently; I got another crazy idea of when I began thinking about what will happen if Kenya goes against Uganda. I mean, it can be the other way round when Uganda goes against Kenya

Some thing are hard to predict but I think this will be an easy task for me, First of all, we have to take a closer look on what each country offers the other. Some time back, Many Ugandans would go for the beautiful Kenyan girls but things have changed now, the relationship between these two neighbors is mainly business related now.

This is what Kenya offers to Uganda
• The Mombasa sea port
• Match boxes
• Women

And now, this is what Uganda offers to Kenya
• Electricity (only to the east)
• Men

Well, it looks like Uganda and Kenya do not have much to offer to each other but given the relevancy of the Mombasa sea port to Uganda, Kenya will win the battle. Since Uganda also imports Match boxes from Kenya, Uganda will stay in the dark for a long time.
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Monday, August 23, 2010

This is really funny


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Pictures of Beautiful Ugandan Women

You see, there are so many good looking women and many men would like to say that there wives or girl friends are the best, i do not want to get into an argument here, the photos of these beautiful women from Uganda are just my opinion. I have some some other pictures of nice looking women but as you know, i have already made my choice.

Below are the pictures of the women i think are a really can represent Ugandan beauty. 

This is my list of the photos or pictures beautiful women in Ugandan though i believe that Uganda has so many good looking girls and women. the  ones hear are so too beautiful
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