Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Uganda 2080

Have you ever wondered how Uganda will be looking like in 2080. Well, I advise you not to think about it anymore. Uganda will have the most spoilt generation this world has ever seen and I pity those who will be alive by that time.

First of all, all Ugandans who are above 20 years of age now (2010) will dead by then its sad to say but the truth must be said. Its uttermost greediness, to think about being alive by 2080, a fair thinking person should pray not to witness the calamities that will befall our country y then.

For those who will be in Uganda by then; wait for this

Women will be walking naked
East Africa will change its name to Uganda Africa
I will be dead
My mother will be the prime minister of the newly created Northern Republic
Northern Uganda will be a desert and
Kony will be given Amnesty

I really do not want to stay in that Uganda. The though of that spoilt Uganda generation in 2080 makes me wish not to have children


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