Friday, August 13, 2010

Uganda 2050

I have been thinking of how Uganda will be like in 2050. Some of my thoughts are crazy but true. First things first, I will be dead. I do not want to be in the Uganda of those years.

According to the statistics, Uganda will by then have 150 million people, that is really scaring, if people are are fighting for for land now when we are just 30 million, what will happen when Ugandans are officially 150 millions.

The second fact i know is that, men in Uganda will be more than the women, for time memorial, many women have been failing to get Ugandans men because men are few. However, with the current trend, men will be more than a whooping 20 millions. That another reason i do not want to be in Uganda 2050.

One thing i know is that people will have constructed houses on my grave. The land will be so scare that we will begin to burn dead bodies just like it is in India.

Finaly, Kampala will have covered the covered the whole Uganda that we will not have towns and villages, the whole Uganda will be a town. A developed town just like New York, I know some one might try to disagree on this, but just live to 2050, you will see the Uganda i am talking about.

Kampala, the Capital of Uganda, a lot will have changed


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