Wednesday, September 22, 2010

6 people buried alive in Uganda

Another sad story has yet again emerged from Uganda, ip to 6 people where buried alive in a some query as they struggled to make ends meet. There are many people who have died in such a way since last year.

According to the New Vision "A woman and her son died instantly and two others sustained serious injuries on Monday evening when a stone quarry collapse and buried them at Kyambaazi in Wakiso district.

Robinah Nassuna, 28, and her son, Alex Yiiga 16, died at 6:30pm when a stone quarry, from which they were extracting stones, curved in on them.

Her two daughters, Betty Nalubega, 12, and Olive Nakacwa, 14, escaped with injuries.

The two were taken to Appointed Harvesters Medical Centre in Kitemu trading centre in a critical condition and later transferred to Mulago Hospital.

Andrew Bukenya, 42, the father of the children, said his family had been involved in stone quarrying since they were evicted from their 10-acre piece of land several years ago. Bukenya, who had six children with Nassuna, said their three other children had gone to fetch water."

Below is the picture of the place where the accident took place, the photo is courtesy of New Vision
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wedding and Parties time is over in Uganda

is something really wrong with my Uganda? A few days ago, the police issued new guidelines for people who want to make parties and weeding. It is now a must for very one to seek police approval before a wedding or a party. This means that i will have to apply for police permission to make a birthday party for my Kid. Oh no, some thin is going wrong.

THE Police have issued new guidelines for public gatherings and events in Kampala. Under the new guidelines issued yesterday, wedding receptions will only go ahead after getting clearance from the Inspector General of Police (IGP).

Kampala metropolitan Police commander Andrew Sorowen yesterday announced the new measures for gatherings of more than five people in the city and its suburbs. The measures cover Kampala Metropolitan area, which includes the city, Entebbe, Wakiso and Mukono districts and parts of Mpigi and Luwero districts.

He said the measures, which he described as “reminders”, take immediate effect.

“We are sounding a warning. No gathering of more than five people, even if it is in your compound, should be held without clearance from the Inspector General of Police. People intending to hold wedding parties, music galas, football matches and road processions should notify the IGP first,” said Sorowen.

“We want to ensure safety of our people. If 32 million Ugandans use their eyes and ears, there will be no space for terrorists in Uganda,” he said.
He told New Vision separately that the same measures affect funerals, vigils, last funeral rites (nyimbe) and bibanda, (local makeshift video halls).
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Is witchcraft real?

I have seen so many people in Uganda who waste a lot of their time and money on witchcraft. I have come to believe that it is only me in the whole country, or simply from among the Ugandans, who do not fear the power of witchcraft.

Recently we have been reading all over news about witchdoctors who give away riches. Every person who dies is believed to have been cursed by some one who be witched. But do you know what, all that is no sense.

There is nothing like working witchcraft, if it existed, I would be dead by now. I do not know why even the intellectuals and the media houses in Uganda will still write on how someone was bewitched. I am sorry but I do not believe in that.
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I have two girls, but whom should I choose

Finding a good girl friends is a good thing which everyone desires, I do not much believe in boy friend/ girl friend relationships but that is some thing which is hard to avoid. You see, I believe that it is better for a man to get a wife instead of a girl friend. I know you are about to say that one leads to the other but I am not ready to enter into an argument with you. So I will let you believe what you want.

Anyway, many men are normally faced with a dilemma of choosing between lovers. It is always a hard decision for someone to get committed to one girl and those who do deserve credit. There is always a time you need to choose between lovers.

That is a time you can not avoid if you want to get married. Well, we, the men, always have a choice to choose between a girl or woman with character and a girl with beauty. Many men tend to choose the girl who is beautiful, and I do not blame them. After all, I am sure you would also make the same choice.
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I am getting Old, I am growing Scared

Sometimes I fear to tell people my real years, I am not that old but I think I am taking that directions. I am sure that I have lived half of years and old age is slowly setting in.

I do not know why that seem to scare me; I though it is good to grow up, marry and have children. But I am wondering why my thoughts have changed over time. I now admire young kids, I some times wish I could go back in years and be like them.

You see, life would have been a good thing without old age and death, but the more a person grows, the more those two come near. You might be wondering my age, I am not yet 30 but I do not think it is a good thing.
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My parents think I am rich

Just like many other people who leave their parents to go and look for money, I also left my parents home some years back to realize my dream of becoming rich. However, many times, things do not work out the way we expect, not every one becomes rich.

When I reached the place I intended to make money from, I told my parents that things where fine, you see, I did not want to scare them. So I told them that I am making money and soon I will be a rich man.

Anyway, things had gone right at the beginning, but I do not know why money became so scare all of a sudden. I keep telling my parents that I am making money and they should not worry about me. I even fear to go visit them because they expect a lot from me.

It is now 3 years since I last saw my mother and father, I really feel I want to see them, I miss them so much. But you know, they think I am rich, and for that reason, I can not go back to see them unless I am ready to prove that I am rich now.
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No one can draw the Map of Uganda

In those days when we were still young, drawing the map of Uganda was one of the easiest things anyone could do. In those days, Uganda used to have 39 districts and I could recite them in just a few minutes.

But things have changed now; Uganda has up to 112 districts. Uganda of 2010 is far different from the Uganda of 1995. The districts are now so much squeezed to each other that it will take you more than 2 full days to mark the demarcations of each district in Uganda.

I was born in Luwero district, but you might not believe what has happed to my dear Luwero, the districts was divided into 3 more to make it 4 from 1. This has happen to other districts like Mbale, Soroti, Gulu, Wakiso, Arua… I mean to all districts.
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Tribute to Ugandan soldiers killed in Somalia

I do not think the Ugandan soldiers in Somalia deserved to die, well it’s a fact that all who join battle should expect to die and what happened was just a fact which only took long to happen.

I know that we will lose even more troops since we decided to join the war against the Al Shabab. It’s not time to go into the famous argument back home about whether it was right for Uganda to go to Somalia or not. After all, I can not change anything. Our own children are already in Somalia and I just have to accept it.

However, I feel bad every time I here of another death of a Ugandan soldiers, anyway, it doesn’t matter from which country a soldier comes from, the truth remains that war is bad.

I feel bad for the relatives of the fallen troops, I watched when four bodies where being received at the Entebbe International airport, those guys went to war alive and they came back dead. May there souls rest in peace.
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Monday, September 6, 2010

In Love with your Neighbor's wife

There are some things which can happen when they should never happen at all, falling in love with your neighbors love is one of them. I know i am not so much qualified to talk about love since i do not have a wife, but i believe i have a right to write about anything sensible.

In my culture, we have a saying which says that any one who loves there neighbors wife is the best fool. I think that is a true saying though i do not blame the culprits. Some times, these women lead men into temptation and the only thing the poor man can do is to fall in love.

Please do not say that i am supporting people who fall in love with neighbors wives, i am just saying that the bale should be on women, they normally start it all and later blame the men.

Anyway, if you are one of those guys who love others peoples wives, then you are in trouble, first, you sin against the state and secondly, you sin against God.
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