Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lust for Your Neigbours wife Can be Dangerous

I perfect understand how it hurts to have a cheating wife, hey, i have never been married and i do not speak from experience, but i say this because i understand. I would not like it when my wife cheats, but for sure, it would hurt more if the guy is my neighbour.

Really  must be said, many guys are lusting for their neighbors wives, i think some men are naturally weak but i did not write this to bale any man.Actually women also have a case to answer. This makes me remember Dolly Parton's song "Just because I am a woman" where she told her husband that he also commits the same mistakes but they are over looked, yet her mistakes are dwelt upon just because she is a woman.

 Well, that "thing" has also been happening when it comes to adultery, people will always assume that it was the man who led the woman into the act. However, some times, neighbors wives also do all the tempting things in the world just to make men fall for them.

Yes, i had a neigbours wife who really tempted me, i have to promise you that i was strong and i resisted, but i have to confess that this woman was really hard at tempting. You see, some men are just week when it comes to seeing some parts of a woman, but this woman showed me all, not once, not twice, but often.

From that time, i came to know that when adultery sets in, its the woman to blame.


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