Tuesday, December 7, 2010

4 Reasons why I am not going to marry my girl friend

It is too bad that i have to change my wedding plans. if you can remember well,  i had written here that my wedding will be held in March 2011. I did not lie to you but i have just changed my mind, I do not think the girl i have is the right one. Below are the reasons why i am canceling the wedding.

Short Tempered
This woman short tempered, as you know me,  i am one of those people who are very soft, i cant let my self fall into the hands of this woman who will make her self the boss in the house.

Lack of respect
This girl  gives me no respect at all, some thing i would need from my wife, she even hangs up on me several times. For sure hanging up on me makes me sick and she is good at it. I want a woman, i mean a wife who will treat me like a  husband.

Gold digger
This girl friend of mine is good at taking money. Can you imagine, she even gave me a condition to build a house for her mother and bother before we marry. She really needs money.

This girl is one of the most beautiful girls in Uganda if she is not the most beautiful,  i feel unsecure when am with her. i do not mind if you call me a coward but am not ready to die with jealousy. even when  i a m moving with her, men do not fear to comment in my presence. Her beauty is too much for me to handle


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