Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Will Marry Lady Gaga

I am not so much into music but i have to confess that i know Lady Gaga. I am one of those people who can not tell you who sung which song and which singer sings better. I have so many other things which take my time than hearing gossip about which musician is preganant or cheatyed on the wife. However, even though iam that grean about music, i at least know Lady Gaga.

Well, i only came to know about her recently when i read somewhere i do not remember that she was ahead of president Barack Obama when it comes to facebook rankings. Thats when i first heard about her name, anywhere, i guess no one came to know about her long time ago since the girl is barely 24. I got interested in knowing which woman could be more followed than a US president.

So, I embarked on the journey to search for Lady Gaga, that's when i discovered that woman i was beginning to fall in love with wears wired clothes, i do not know whether she puts on clothes all the time because many times, it seems like she wears metallic material.

I said to my self, i will marry Lady Gaga, it looked like my dream was coming true until i found out that she has a boyfriend Luc Car, and that they has a commitment ceremony in Greece. I was heart broken but not taken down, you see, those celebrity never settle in relationships, i know that one day she will be free again and i will pose by her side. As for now, i wish Lady Gaga a happy love until she separates with her boyfriend. And i will marry Lady Gaga.


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