Wednesday, September 22, 2010

6 people buried alive in Uganda

Another sad story has yet again emerged from Uganda, ip to 6 people where buried alive in a some query as they struggled to make ends meet. There are many people who have died in such a way since last year.

According to the New Vision "A woman and her son died instantly and two others sustained serious injuries on Monday evening when a stone quarry collapse and buried them at Kyambaazi in Wakiso district.

Robinah Nassuna, 28, and her son, Alex Yiiga 16, died at 6:30pm when a stone quarry, from which they were extracting stones, curved in on them.

Her two daughters, Betty Nalubega, 12, and Olive Nakacwa, 14, escaped with injuries.

The two were taken to Appointed Harvesters Medical Centre in Kitemu trading centre in a critical condition and later transferred to Mulago Hospital.

Andrew Bukenya, 42, the father of the children, said his family had been involved in stone quarrying since they were evicted from their 10-acre piece of land several years ago. Bukenya, who had six children with Nassuna, said their three other children had gone to fetch water."

Below is the picture of the place where the accident took place, the photo is courtesy of New Vision


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