Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I have two girls, but whom should I choose

Finding a good girl friends is a good thing which everyone desires, I do not much believe in boy friend/ girl friend relationships but that is some thing which is hard to avoid. You see, I believe that it is better for a man to get a wife instead of a girl friend. I know you are about to say that one leads to the other but I am not ready to enter into an argument with you. So I will let you believe what you want.

Anyway, many men are normally faced with a dilemma of choosing between lovers. It is always a hard decision for someone to get committed to one girl and those who do deserve credit. There is always a time you need to choose between lovers.

That is a time you can not avoid if you want to get married. Well, we, the men, always have a choice to choose between a girl or woman with character and a girl with beauty. Many men tend to choose the girl who is beautiful, and I do not blame them. After all, I am sure you would also make the same choice.


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