Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tribute to Ugandan soldiers killed in Somalia

I do not think the Ugandan soldiers in Somalia deserved to die, well it’s a fact that all who join battle should expect to die and what happened was just a fact which only took long to happen.

I know that we will lose even more troops since we decided to join the war against the Al Shabab. It’s not time to go into the famous argument back home about whether it was right for Uganda to go to Somalia or not. After all, I can not change anything. Our own children are already in Somalia and I just have to accept it.

However, I feel bad every time I here of another death of a Ugandan soldiers, anyway, it doesn’t matter from which country a soldier comes from, the truth remains that war is bad.

I feel bad for the relatives of the fallen troops, I watched when four bodies where being received at the Entebbe International airport, those guys went to war alive and they came back dead. May there souls rest in peace.


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