Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My parents think I am rich

Just like many other people who leave their parents to go and look for money, I also left my parents home some years back to realize my dream of becoming rich. However, many times, things do not work out the way we expect, not every one becomes rich.

When I reached the place I intended to make money from, I told my parents that things where fine, you see, I did not want to scare them. So I told them that I am making money and soon I will be a rich man.

Anyway, things had gone right at the beginning, but I do not know why money became so scare all of a sudden. I keep telling my parents that I am making money and they should not worry about me. I even fear to go visit them because they expect a lot from me.

It is now 3 years since I last saw my mother and father, I really feel I want to see them, I miss them so much. But you know, they think I am rich, and for that reason, I can not go back to see them unless I am ready to prove that I am rich now.


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