Monday, September 6, 2010

In Love with your Neighbor's wife

There are some things which can happen when they should never happen at all, falling in love with your neighbors love is one of them. I know i am not so much qualified to talk about love since i do not have a wife, but i believe i have a right to write about anything sensible.

In my culture, we have a saying which says that any one who loves there neighbors wife is the best fool. I think that is a true saying though i do not blame the culprits. Some times, these women lead men into temptation and the only thing the poor man can do is to fall in love.

Please do not say that i am supporting people who fall in love with neighbors wives, i am just saying that the bale should be on women, they normally start it all and later blame the men.

Anyway, if you are one of those guys who love others peoples wives, then you are in trouble, first, you sin against the state and secondly, you sin against God.


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