Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Al Shabab, Al Queida, Al Uganda

I do not know why everything with the word Al is now pointing towards Uganda. I used to love my Uganda due to the peace we have been enjoying for a very long time. But it seems like things are changing.

In July, the Al shabab bombed my dear Kampala where more than 80 people died in just one night. I am now even more sacred given the rumors that Al shabab is being funded by Al Queida.

I do not know where i will hide now, it is really scaring, it is time we all pray for Uganda before things get worse.

I have been told that Al, actually mean "The". I used to think it is some really scaring thing. I do not know why The Shabab want to destroy my Uganda but i sincerely wish Uganda regain her peace again. May God keep Uganda safe again


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