Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Death Of MTN Zone

Over the past years, MTN Uganda has been using the MTN zone promotion to hook subscribers to thier network, actaull, it has worked for them and i know they have nade alot of good profits. MTN being the major playere in the ugandan telecomucnication martket, has always charged high inteconnection fees from competitors which pushed call rate in uganda higher than the acceptable.

But thing have changed now, ever since the other telecom playes in uganda like Uganda Telecom, Uganda Telecom. Orange Uganda, Zain Uganda and I-tel lowered their tarriffs to a mera 3 shillings per second. MTN has been losing hundreds of subcrbers per day, they tried to counter this challange by thier usual too uch adversing only to discover that they are losing.

Recently MTN has also introduced calling for 3 seconds though it still remains the most expensive network in Uganda when calling other telecom companies at 5 Ugandan shillings per second. We can now say good to MTN Zone and welcome the new tariffs though MTN may soon fail out out if they do not reduce call rates t other networks


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