Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Going Home- Fantasic

After a long period , i finally went back home. hey, i am not meaning the place where i stay. I mean, home. The place where i was born. I had always missed home, the place of my childhood memories. Well, i was born in a small town called Wobulenzi in Uganda . But as you know, after my university studies i moved to Kampala to look for work. My parents put all there hopes in me and they expected me to care for every one close.

That was the beginning of the problem, i got a job but it was only enough to sustain me and meet my daily needs, i could not have enough to take home. So kept my self in Kampala as a real prodigal son. I could go home because they expect me to take a lot. Actually people at home though i was doing so well.

I am now happy that after changing my life around, i managed to achieve my goals. The first thing i thought about was to go home, to see my mum whom love so much and my dad. It was a moment to remember in my life. I could not wait any longer to step out of the taxi.

Well, a lot had changed at home, people around the town have constructed new houses, there is alot of development in the area. Many of my childhood friends are already married, i was glad to see all the people i grew up with me. Most girls have given birth  and some are pregnant. I moved around home and found new neighbors. Its a good to finally be at home.


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