Saturday, November 6, 2010

President Becomes Rapper

Some one said that "Everything is possible if you believe" I think he was right. I never imagined that a president of  great nation can really become a rapper. I am not talking about a former president, i am talking about the current president of Uganda

You see, its election time in Uganda, i mean campagining time, i think, real electiosn will be held some time in Febraury of next year. But things are getting hot for all the candiadtes. From one promise to another canidates ate still finding ot hard to convice the elections.

What president Kaguta Museveni did was to release a song, which he called "Another Rap". He is now busy singing it where ever he goes to look for votes. The song is in his mother language (Luknyankole) with a few lines in English. Many people in the opposition have called this song by the president of Uganda a mere poem with no meaning where as those who support Yoweri Kaguta Musaeveni hace called  the song of the Year


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