Friday, November 12, 2010

I do not Love her, but i Fear to tell her

I can not believe that this is happening to me. You see, i have spent a long time looking for love but i think it came in a wrong way. You, know, one of my friends connected me to a woman she knew and she suggested that we marry.  I have to confess that we had a good date. It was a night out to remember with this woman who was also in need a man.

You see, i have always wished to get a girl or woman who is not quarrelsome or short tempered, love is a flower which must be tendered and such help nothing in  building love. The problem is that when i began talking to this girl, she told me how she is a woman of hot temper. well, she looks beautiful and i am told that she is well behaved and respectful. But i swear, i fear hard women, you know, i am a soft guy who fears to be broken by a woman, i have a soft heart, a soft voice and a soft temper.

The girl friend who connected with me is now saying that it will be bad for her if i do not proceed with the love plans. The girl is also serious, she liked me a lot and she is ready to marry me immediately. I wish i could love her, marry her and make her happy.

I do not know what to do, she has remain in communication since then but i fear to tell her that our love can not be. Its not that i do not love her. Its just that i cant stand the words she told about her character. She is asking  me to tell her if i will marry her.I do not know how to say that it will not be possible. She is a very good woman who deserves no pain and i now do not know what to do.


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