Saturday, November 6, 2010

My old time Love

I one of those guys who had given love a break. You see, there is some girl i had told that "I love you", and i ave been true to my word. We have not been together for around 6 years and i think we will never be together. You know, after telling telling her that she is the woman of my heart, we separeted, it was separetion by distance- not by hearts.

She remained my love and i remained her love. But as the years went on, we lost communication, and i think that is when i lost her. In my heart, i kept her close and i have been waiting for her to return from where ever she got lost from. Yes, a few days back i traced her, she is a student at some University in Uganda.

I guess you can see how happy i was when i saw her, but do you know what? i looked at her face and it was clear she was not happy to see me, it seems she had moved on, and may be, she got another man. When asked her for a day or night out, she told me that she is busy all the time, that is when i knew that she is no longer mine. I feel bad i have kept a;; my love for this old time love of mine just to discover i have wasted a lot of my time


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