Saturday, November 6, 2010

Erias Lukwago- Kampala's Messiah

It is tough times in Uganda and Kampala. There has been a lot of traffic jam in the past, yes, guys have been having nomination trail in the past. You know, its election time in Uganda, provieded  iam not confusing it  with campagning time. Well, i gueasse all of them lead to the same thing- a winner and a loser

I really do not want to be a politician and i guesse i will never be, but there are some  things whoch no one should igonore. I am a Kampalanian, hoping that word exists. So i would like what is good for kampala. You know, i have seen how the poor people suffer in Kampala and i have seen how Erias Lukwago has been figthing on thier side.

A few months ago, Lukwago won, not the mayoral elecions but the electral commison in court over plling stations which are found in miliatary places. That was his effort and noe, some guys want to come and enjoy his fruits.

Its not about campaigning for any one one, its about capability which Erais Lukwago has. I am  not forcing you to vote for any one in the coming elections, but i advise you to vote wisely


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