Friday, August 27, 2010

Uganda police bans media on Kampala Al- shabab bombings

Its good this blog is not a political one, i would be out of business just like many other people who were refused to publish anything concerning the investigations about the Kampala bombings. I was out of town and i only heard from a friend that reporting on Kampala bombing would put in trouble.

I confirmed it from one of the news papers and that's when i learn t that many media houses are furious about the ban. In fact, some newspapers in Uganda, radio stations ans television stations vowed not to honor the ban. They have vowed to continue reporting on the investigation

A few weeks backs, one guy who owns a website got into trouble when he wrote some thing on his site about the bombings which did not amuse the government.

So my dear friends, if you want me to update you about the investigations. I have to say "Sorry, i will not be able"


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