Wednesday, August 25, 2010

FaceBook fever hits Uganda

In a few months from now, Ugandans will reach 1 million, every day which pass by, hundreds of Ugandans join Facebook and the number of sign ups in steadily increasing per day.

I felt happy some time back when I found someone I had lost contact with for a long time on face book. Many people in Uganda are also using facebook to find old friends though many others use face book to find love.

There are few people in my country that use facebook for book marking, the majority uses it for social networking and many are just excited to get friends from far off countries. I have noticed that most people who use public computers are face book fanatics who spend their money and time communicating with another person on another computer.

Actually Facebook is the second most popular website in Uganda after Google, Yahoo takes the third slot. One funny thing about it all is that most people just use the website as a tool to find love. I do not blame them but I do not think that Facebook love can be succefully be transformed into physical reality.


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