Friday, August 27, 2010

Why women are only money chasers

Women are loveless, if you do not believe me, check out this;

I am going to list for you some easy statements you can use which will leave every woman chasing you.

1. Don’t tell her that you love her
Just tell her you have money
…and she will say her self that “I love you”

2. Don’t tell her you miss her
Just tell her you have a car
…and she will tell you her self that “I miss you”

3. Don’t tell her you adore her
Just tell her you are rich
…and she will tell you “I adore you”

4. Don’t tell her you want to marry her
Just tell her you have multiple shops
She will ask you “will you marry me”

Important note:
Tell her a good lie and the next day she will be yours
Tell her you a brother to Obama
Tell her you have estates in the USA
Tell her you are the last king of Scotland or king of…whatever
Just make sure she can spot money some where in your lies
If you follow my advise , I swear you can’t miss her…TRY…you will see


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