Friday, August 13, 2010

Ever since the Uganda Bombing, I have been rare

Many people have been wondering where i am, but the truth is that, i have been hiding in my room ever since the Kampala bombings fearing for the worse. The whole country has been in panic since. People are even failing to go and work.

Do not call me timid or a coward, actually i have never been a coward but the way those friends of mine died was enough to instill in me some sense of self protection.

That is why i have been so rare in Kampala, but i think it is now safe and i am going to be in every place i used to be. If you think i am timid, then you need to visit churches and mosques in Uganda, these men of God are checking every one vigorously before you enter for worship, so i am not any different from them

Look at what happened


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