Friday, August 13, 2010

Please Do not go to Mbale (Uganda), There is forced Imbalu

This is the time of the year when the Bagisu people of Uganda carry out male circumcision among all the male above 12 years. It is called Imbalu season.

For the Bagisu, who stay in Eastern Uganda, the ceremony is part of the initiation from child hood to man hood, that means that if you are not cut, you are still a boy.

However, all is done with joy, young boys who are ready to become men willing avail them selves to be cut. Actually Bugisu land has many districts now given the fact that Uganda has seen an influx of soo many districts, but the most famous one is Mbale, if you have also ever had of Mt Elgon, then you know the place i am talking about.

Mbale has some good places to visit, the place is the capital city of Eastern Uganda, the Sipi falls are not far from the town and many tourists normally frequent this place.

I had some few trips to Mbale this month but i have crossed them out them, those guys will need to prove that i am already a man. I really like these people but i fear being carried forcefully into the crowd.

Well, i am glad to be a Ugandan, i can see how my fellow Ugandans celebrate there cultures, its just awesome, i love it. If the whole Uganda had such activities, i would be more happy.

So, if anyone had a meeting with me in Mbale, i am officially cancelling it until Imbalu season is over. Otherwise, big up to my friends who stay in this area and congratulations to the boys who are going to become men. For my friends who need to come to Uganda, you are welcome


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