Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The girl I first Loved

I am not a fan of writing about Love issues but I think it is will not be a good thing if I do not write about the girl I first loved. I do not know what you though before reading this article but let me hope I will not disappoint your thoughts.

Well, I have to begin with the most important things first, these include the time, I mean the period I was in love with this girl, the years she had, my age by then, a brief description of this girl and how we met.

Let me begin with how I met her, may that will help to answer other questions which might be hard for me. I met this girl when we were playing mummy and daddy. I do not know which country you come from, but in my country Uganda, young children play the mummy and daddy thing where types of a real wedding are made.

A boy is assigned a wife (also a kid) and you try to imitate everything the married people do. That is when I met this young girl whom I gave all my heart, I promised to marry her and she agreed too.

It is too bad that we relocated during that time, I went back to that place after around 15 years but everything there was new. I could not trace her since I even didn’t know her second name. To be sincere, I do not know how she looks like now since I last saw her when I was 7.

I have kept my promise to love her until marriage but I think it is time to give up on the long wait. I have kept her love in my heart since I was 7 years old, I should look for new love now. I hope she will understand


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