Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Uganda 2090

Many people today are thinking about t Uganda 2011 due to the changes that will occur in our county. But I think it is of reason to think beyond the known by stretching our mind to Uganda 2090.

In the year 2090, our country will be so different from what it is now. In fact, if my great grand mother who died 200 years ago could raise from the dead, she would get so amused, frightened, and scared for what she would see in Uganda today.

During her days, Uganda had no storied buildings, no electricity, no cars, nor good roads and women could dress properly. But now, things are so different that if a dead person rise to life, they would die of shock again.

That is what will happen in 2090, people living today might not believe what is in store for the future Uganda, but just to give you a glimpse, this is how Uganda will be like in 2090

The world Uganda will be a desert
River Nile will have dried
Uganda will send her third space ship to the moon
Uganda will be competing with USA on who will be first to send man to the moon
Men will be 100 times more than women
Kampala will have connected with Nairobi in Kenya

However, since I believe in the second coming o f Jesus, such things way not happen if He comes before 2090. But if nothing changes, Uganda will be just as I have wrote, if you want to prove me wrong, stay alive up to 2090.


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