Friday, August 13, 2010

I doubt if i am a true Ugandan

I have come to know that there are majorly three ways one can be Uganda, first by birth, then by registration and lastly by nationality.

Of course i am not a Ugandan by nationality, for that, i am very sure about it. I have never filled those forms people fill to gain nationality.

Then, there is Ugandan by nationality, since i am not sure about what that means, i am not qualifies to talk about it. therefore my doubt if i am a Uganda continues.

However, there is still another option for me to be a Uganda, that is by birth. I love Uganda so much but i am not sure whether it is true i am one. My parents told me i am a Ugandan, but they have no proof. I have to rely on what they tell me.

There is no birth certificate to prove it, its only word of mouth. Now, what if my parents are lying? What they have forgotten. Oh no, have to get proof


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