Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What if Uganda rock horns with Kenya?

I do not know why I have been thinking funny things recently; I got another crazy idea of when I began thinking about what will happen if Kenya goes against Uganda. I mean, it can be the other way round when Uganda goes against Kenya

Some thing are hard to predict but I think this will be an easy task for me, First of all, we have to take a closer look on what each country offers the other. Some time back, Many Ugandans would go for the beautiful Kenyan girls but things have changed now, the relationship between these two neighbors is mainly business related now.

This is what Kenya offers to Uganda
• The Mombasa sea port
• Match boxes
• Women

And now, this is what Uganda offers to Kenya
• Electricity (only to the east)
• Men

Well, it looks like Uganda and Kenya do not have much to offer to each other but given the relevancy of the Mombasa sea port to Uganda, Kenya will win the battle. Since Uganda also imports Match boxes from Kenya, Uganda will stay in the dark for a long time.


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