Friday, August 13, 2010

Good Bye Katanga

Uganda will soon see the end of her largest slum- Katanga. For all the years past, Katanga has been known as the largest and first major slum in Uganda. But development seems to be taking its course. The place is now being invaded by hostels for Makerere university students.

It is now common to see new flats being constructed in this once slum only area in Uganda. Makerere University is also claiming that a large portion of land in this area belong to it. The place so well situation near the city center which makes it as easy target for rich developers in Uganda.

I have been to this place before, the standards of living is too low and many people eat only one meal a day. The only problem is where these people will go after being evacuated. The government of Uganda, i am very sure will not do anything much to help them.

I know that in the near future, Katanga will be no more, those slums will be turned into posh hostels and the poor will have to find other places in Uganda to stay. So let me say this when i have time to say it- Good bye Katanga

Posh hostels are being built in Katanga (Uganda)


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