Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dear Ugandans... I want you to know this

A lot has taken place in Uganda recently, all the news papers have been reporting tales of murder, sacrifice and the recent Kampala bombings. I was preparing to sleep that fate full day when my mother called me to inquire whether i was alive.

I was busy supporting Netherlands during that world cup final not knowing that some one had planned to bomb innocent people. The best part of all is that the bomber were arrested but you can still notice that the news has changed ever since.

Top news papers like the new vision, daily monitor, bukedde, Eddobozi and Gwanga now spend so a lot of space writing on al-shabab and how bombs kills. For the first time in my life, i have hard so many people advocating for firing squad as it was during the death of Khan Kakama, a child who was brutally killed.

However, we should know that killing as never been a solution. If you say that we should kill the people who killed our friends during the bombings, you will be showing us that you are also capable of killing.


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