Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Restoring Morality and Sanity in Uganda

I am a concerned citizen just like many other Ugandans; It looks like our country is slowly going down to the drain. I really miss those good old days when people in Uganda where enjoying every bit of their time.

Thing have changed so much in the last 15 years, we now have women who walk half naked, during those days, women could treat them selves with dignity, but not any longer. I feel so bad when I see young girls walking on Kampala streets with their breasts out. We are now living in a lost generation, I mean, a spoilt generation.

Yes, I know that the boys have rarely treated themselves with dignity but things have gone worse now. I have seen so many men dressing like women, walk like women and talk like women.

In the coming few years, we are most likely to lose our children to ganja. The main cause of the problem is that many Ugandan celebrities are well known ganja takers yet the police has done nothing about it.

The bad thing is that the parents who would have taught their children how to live good lives are also spoilt. It seems like am the only one remaining who can save the situation but Uganda is too big for me.


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