Wednesday, August 25, 2010

About the King of Uganda

My mother gave birth to me in a small town of Wobulenzi, Luwero district in Uganda, we then moved to Hoima but due to some reasons we moved back to Wobulenzi, after a few years I shifted to Entebbe but later moved back to Wobulenzi, I then moved to Kireka and shifted back to Wobulenzi to stay close to my mother , but after some few years, moved to Kampala where I am staying now. However, I have plans to move back to Wobulenzi again.

Before we go to far, we have to set the record straight, You have to know that there are other kings who are above me in Uganda. I really respect them so much and as my culture stipulates, I would kneel to great my king.

For those of you who do not know the much about Ugandan culture, We have kingdoms inside Uganda, at first, each kingdom in Uganda was independent with the king as the main man. However, the white man combined all of us to make up Uganda. Below are the Kings in Uganda

King Ronald Muwenda Mutebi

He is the king of Buganda the largest kingdom in Uganda. He is soon to the Sir Edward Mutesa II, the first president of Uganda. Buganda Kingdom has existed for more than 600 years and the Baganda are known for loving their king so much..
King Oyo
He was coroneted when he was just month which made him the youngest leader in the world. King Oyo is the King of Toro in western Uganda. He has now made 18 and he is in full charge of his Kingdom.

King Iguru GafaBusa

He is the King of Bunyoro kingdom a historical kingdom in Uganda, many other kingdoms emerged as a result of a break away from the Bunyoro Kitara Empire. Bunyoro was also the Kingdom of King Kabalega, a man who fought the British until they could not handle it anymore.

If I meet any of those kings, I will gladly humble down though I am the king of Uganda. Long Live the Kings in Uganda.


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